We believe you should reach the people who visit your job page before they leave

You've spent a lot of time and money to get potential employees to visit your career pages. When they arrive, some of them are not in the mood to send CVs. But they might be potential candidate for your position, and You should not let them go. Get their email address and initiate the job interview from your side.

CANDID8 “captures” prospective candidates who abandon their job browsing.

Using our "Popup" and "UIbounce" technology you can capture the visitor’s contact details. This allows you to send an email later to initiate the recruitment process even if the candidate does not have an updated CV.

How candid8 works

34% of your career page visitors are curious about your company, and have all the competencies you are looking for. But they do not apply for the job, because the process in not comfortable, they have to refresh the CV, they have to write Application letters, and they have to send emails.

  • We make it easier!
  • If visitors show engagement with your job advert do not let them go
  • We ask them for an email address, and you can initiate the process
  • Candidates show interests only by browsing and behaviour on the page